Natural Referencing (SEO)

Natural Referencing (SEO)

Natural referencing is one of the levers of web marketing, allowing you to reference and uniquely to position a site in the main search engines (Google, Bing, Qwant…). Other drivers like Yandex or Baidu exist, and we can, of course, talk about them if you have a project aiming to position yourself on the Russian or Chinese market (or any other country).


1 Definition of SEO

2 Risks and constraints of natural referencing

3 The three axes of SEO to develop

4.On-site SEO

5.Content marketing


Definition of SEO

SEO is also called SEO for ”  Search Engine Optimization. ” Optimizing your natural referencing improves the visibility of your website on a search engine. The idea is obviously to position your site on interesting queries for your business.

Google did him one goal: provide relevant results and as quickly as possible to its users. Natural referencing, therefore, consists in providing a consistent and rapid response to an Internet user. In your case, you should, therefore, offer a fast, user-friendly site and provide all the possible answers to your target! If your goal is satisfied with the solutions you provide, then you will be legitimate to stand out in the best results of Google.

SEO works at several levels:

  • On-site (this is the technical part)
  • At the content level (positioning and content creation will be studied)
  • Off-site (this is the popularity part, communicate will be the keyword!)

SEO is not the only natural. It breaks down into several well-known SEOs. The question that everyone is asking is, therefore: for you, ultimately, what is SEO?

It is, above all, a work of reflection to be carried out with the client according to the typology of his web project. Depending on the structure of the client company and the site it represents, SEO strategies may be different.

Different SEO services can then be offered. They must, in any case, adapt to the size of the project, the problems encountered, budget constraints, and especially the wishes of the client.

Risks and constraints of natural referencing

Search engine algorithms have improved significantly in recent years. Google is also waging a battle against SEOs using so-called “Black Hat” techniques to position pages in its search engine.

Google Panda & Penguin

At the end of these filters, many business websites have been sanctioned by the American giant.

  • Falling SEO traffic
  • Falling sales and conversions
  • Declining turnover

Most of the penalized projects I was able to work on did not follow Google’s guidelines.

The three axes of SEO to develop

I have a habit of breaking SEO into three parts, although this is not entirely correct. Most web projects will necessarily need to develop these three axes to improve their natural referencing on the leading search engines. Others may also produce more specific parts:

  • SEO on Google News,
  • Local SEO on Google My Business,
  • SEO videos,

On-site SEO

This is the technical part! We can hear that on-site SEO accounts for 10% of good SEO. However, a simple oversight or a technical error can make you fall in the search engines (see make you disappear).

Search engine robots need to effectively crawl your site to retrieve your content, understand your website, and position your pages in its index.

Content marketing

Content has been an essential part of Google since its inception. However, it was brought to light again following the Google Panda filter, which aimed to penalize sites with poor content or with duplicate content.

Your site should, therefore, have rich, intelligent, and well-written content. The 4-5 lines you had at the time will not be enough! We will, therefore, be able to establish a real editorial strategy to optimize your strategic pages (product pages, sales pages, landing pages) but also page allowing to attract traffic (Blog, file, advice…).

  • The content can take different forms:
  • Textual (obviously)
  • Video / Image
  • Infographics
  • Study with numbers
  • White Book
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO and content writing


This is the most critical aspect of Google. According to the guidelines of the American firm, the links must arrive naturally to your site. It’s more complicated!

Besides, Google’s algorithm is based on the concept of “Pagerank,” which gave a rating to a site according to its popularity and its references. Inbound links to a website materialize this popularity. We could, therefore, say that the more links you receive, the more your site will evolve positively on Google. Again it is not that simple!

Google sanctions sites receiving too many links or weak quality links (from questionable websites and a different theme). An excellent job of net linking will be to get links to your site from sites of the same issue.

SEO is, therefore, not as easy as it sounds and can even be risky when using some black techniques. A prior SEO audit is always necessary and makes it possible to highlight the significant problems and to make recommendations to remedy them. Follow this SEO Services in Lahore to know the prices practiced in SEO.

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