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The Selfie, A Reflection of our Personality?

Who doesn’t know the latest trendy social phenomenon, the selfie? We still have things to teach you about this.

The fashion is for selfies, the fact of taking a photograph with his mobile, alone or in a group to transmit the photo to his entourage or on social networks. You could not miss this phenomenon, which is increasingly present. Why is this new mode of communication so successful? Are we aware of the significance of this simple gesture?

Selfie is the abbreviation of self-portrait, in other words making one’s self-portrait. Appearance is significant in today’s world, so the selfie appears almost as a logical continuation in response to new technologies and the dominance of presence. 3 reasons why women love to take selfies.

The explanations for the success of this phenomenon

The success of the selfie is primarily due to the narcissistic aspect of this phenomenon. The selfie allows you to control the image you want to give of yourself. We generally achieve a flattering portrait of ourselves; we embellish ourselves at the expense of reality to have better self-esteem.

The selfie is also a way to put yourself forward, to promote yourself, especially to potential recruiters or to your family. The selfie would, therefore, reveal a trait of our personality, but it would be above all what we do with this selfie, which would reflect our personality.

Every man is by nature narcissistic, only the obsession with his image can touch a pathological problem. Thus a pathological narcissist will not be able to walk in front of a mirror without looking at himself carefully. The person, through the selfies, seeks admiration and approval. Social networks are for him; a global mirror connection may also exist between the number of virtual friends and the number of selfies the individual shares.

The selfie as an asset in a 2.0 world

This new mode of communication gives the possibility more than ever to put yourself forward and control your image. But not that … it also allows:

  • To bridge a physical distance between two people ;
  • To make us feel alive ;
  • To forge an identity: we appreciate its visual, we accept each other more and more;
  • To maintain or increase personal esteem (“likes” never hurt the ego);
  • To be valued.

This fashion shows that digital identity is essential these days; I l should know to maintain his real life as much as his virtual life. This 2.0 identity sometimes even responds to a strategy to compensate for low self-esteem.

The reverse of a fashion

Some people will also become addicted to this new fad, in an attempt to reshape their digital identity in response to low self-esteem. Addiction to social media and selfies can be a symptom of obsessive-compulsive disorder, such as striving for perfection at all costs.

Besides, beauty codes are becoming more and more demanding, and all those people who do not feel in tune with these codes will tend to close down. Self-esteem disorders arise from a lack of self-confidence. Society and social networks are going through; this tends to reinforce these disorders’ self-esteem.

At a time when selfies push the limits of the exhibition on the web even further, there would be advantages and disadvantages to this practice. The whole being to find its balance with this new mode of communication so that it does not have the precedence over us … An essential balance can seem challenging to find, even when politicians and celebrities find themselves embroiled in this phenomenon.