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How to end up being a front-end designer?

Front-end development is a profession whose need on the job market continues to grow. The electronic and digital globe in which we live uses it numerous goals.

This developer belongs to the big family members of developers. To produce software, an application, an internet site, he surrounds himself with coworkers that take care of the back-end, graphics, as well as functionalities.

The front-end programmer cares for all the noticeable components. It is he that codes to acquire an aesthetic offered by the graphics group. It is a link in the excellent chain of style and also advancement.

What are the high qualities required to end up being a great front-end programmer?

Expertise of programming languages and also software

The front-end designer must grasp numerous machine language. For the most general, we find:


· CSS,

· Javascript

Reviewing and also composing English is an asset. Specifically in the shows process, but likewise in the possible exchanges with consumers or companions.

Paying attention

Constantly developing, an excellent front-end designer need to listen to brand-new technologies. Today, the occupation utilizes a lot of CMS (WordPress for example) as well as frameworks (Bootstrap or VueJS ).

The designer profession, for the front-end component, is organized around a group for the understanding of a job. This team is headed by a task supervisor. A good front-end developer should have the ability to connect with his associates, however likewise with consumers, to satisfy their assumptions as long as feasible.

It is vital that he is able to place himself in the area of the consumer and his customers to plainly visualize what he desires.

User experience is essential and, in regard to the back-end programmer, they should create the very best item.

An excellent organization

A front-end programmer is obtaining organized. This is among the major high qualities of this career.

It can have numerous commands as well as have to be able to change from one job to another. Find out more.

Mastery of various software application and also multiple procedures is connected with wonderful versatility.

Patience is needed due to the fact that development occasionally calls for beginning again to locate the best service. As well as rack their brains (occasionally for hrs) on a piece of code that does not show the predicted outcome!

Just how does a front-end programmer job?

A front-end developer can be a staff member as well as carry out jobs within a multi-professional team, in offices

Yet he can also perform his objectives from another location. It is a progressively popular remedy.

The benefit, for package, is not to have the expenses of area monitoring: the need for an office, a devoted computer system terminal …

Beyond that, the productivity of a staff member working from another location is revealed to be better than in an open area.

For the worker, the benefits are countless:

· Fewer travel hrs,

· The company of his working time,

· The possibility to far better appreciate your household, and even to travel …

To interact with the group, it is frequently practiced someday in the business each week.

If he’s a consultant, this capacity to function “from anywhere” is an obvious strength. However he will have to arrange himself well, specifically for calls with his customers, or his subcontractors if required

The wage and advancement potential customers of a front-end designer

Very important subject when you intend to locate your means: salary. For a developer, development potential customers are necessary as well as vary according to abilities.

A young front-end (or “junior”) the developer typically begins at $ 1,500. It is not uncommon to see new developers start at 2000 $ with understanding of a number of languages.

Then, the experience allows to acquire a pay near 3000 $ and also up to 4000 $ for the most asked for as well as progressed designers.

In addition, to boost their remuneration, a front-end programmer can evolve as:

· Fullstack designer, mastering the front-end as well as the back-end,

· Devops or designer and also system operator,

· Project Manager.

What training programs to comply with to end up being a front-end designer?

Multiple coding courses exist to acquaint on your own with front-end growth. Others to understand the different software program supply a plus.

Many skills are called for to become a front-end developer. From relationships to adjustment, these values are demanded.

It can be an and also to have an academic degree in computer technology. BTS, DUT or computer design school, the option is broad for training. But a company (and much more so a client) will certainly be extra thinking about your profile and the presentation of your abilities, rather than a level. After all, every little thing adjustments so promptly in this industry that a diploma got a few years back promptly lapses. Expertise should be very consistently preserved.

To be able:

· To utilize the most up to date versions of a shows language;

· To be as much as day on new standards;

· To comply with contemporary organizational methods (Agile);.

· To always deliver a “tidy code” as well as readable;.

· And offer assistance and dynamism within the team (or with your clients).

will make you an important as well as irreplaceable front-end designer!

7 applications and websites that can teach you new things

7 applications and websites that can teach you new things

Are you looking for a new job? Do you want to acquire new knowledge or, why not, take the first steps towards a career change? There are a lot of ways you can learn or improve your skills, from using mobile applications to participating in online courses to improve in a certain field. Web design company  recommend 7 such applications and courses that you can try.


1. Duolingo

Duolingo is an application designed to help you learn English, but also many other foreign languages, such as: German, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Chinese, Russian or Turkish. With Duolingo, learning about 20 minutes a day, you can start speaking the chosen language very quickly. In each lesson, there are exercises that teach you seven new words, based on different topics. After a while, the application will resume the exercises and words you missed most often, to help you remember them more easily.


Memrise presents an interactive and fun platform that helps you learn words you don’t understand in a foreign language much faster. The application uses some funny methods to help you remember what each word means. You can keep track of the words you have learned, and if you forget any of them, you can return to the application and you will remember immediately. Mermise is ideal for anyone who wants to learn new words in a foreign language.


It is a widely used platform for online learning. It has a wide range of courses based on different fields such as: art, business, personal development, foreign languages, etc. On the computer science side, you can learn Java, Python, algorithms, cloud computing, data mining or how to build an Android application. The courses are free, but you can opt for a certificate from Coursera that can cost up to $ 100.

It is a website that offers a wide range of tutorials and business courses to prepare you in different fields. All courses are structured in chapters and subchapters. What is interesting is that you can pause and resume the course at any time, always having access to the list of tutorials you follow. Also, the application tells you exactly how many minutes you have to watch from each one. For starters, you have a free month to test the application, and then you can choose the Basic or Premium subscription to continue using it.

6.Khan Academy

It works on the same principle as Coursera, the platform being organized in areas of interest such as mathematics, economics, programming, science and much more. The theory is presented in video format, and the exercises and applications are offered to you in an integral set of courses. The platform can be used by both students and teachers. The content of the site is provided in English, but other languages ​​such as Hindi, Spanish or Portuguese are also available.

7.Don’t fear the internet

If you want to become a web designer, work from home or office, you can learn for free by accessing the “Don’t fear the internet” platform addressed to artists such as photographers, designers and creative people who want to change their site so as not to be so monotonous. The course presents the lessons in a video format, consisting of 9 tutorials, which will help you redefine your website. The presentation is artistic and creative, capturing very well the essence of what you need to learn.

How to make money as a freelance developer: business advice from an expert

How to make money as a freelance developer: business advice from an expert

A common question people ask me is whether they should go the “independent” way, as opposed to getting a job or setting up their own web design company in Pakistan. If you are like me and prefer to learn by reading, read on. If you prefer to learn through discussion, here is a video I made recently on this topic:

Whether you should become independent depends on your particular situation. That being said, you can live very comfortably if you choose to work independently. So let’s discuss whether you should go the independent route and, assuming it’s for you, how you can make money doing it.

How to make money as an independent developer business tips

Those who freelance, without trying to take their business to the next level, can end up being a failure. Like 30% of small businesses that fail in the first year.

I guess you want to be in seventy percent of the people who succeed. Assuming you don’t oppose prosperity, let’s get to that.

Should you become an independent developer?

The first question in deciding your career is to determine if freelancing is really right for you. This comes down to two questions.

Do you have the personality type to work independently?

Can you make money doing this?

Let’s look at each of these in turn.

Whether or not you have the personality to be independent depends on whether you have a strong sense of discipline. Do you need the structure provided for you?

When you work for yourself, there’s no one to tell you that,

You have to be at the office for a while

You need to start working on a project in the first month to make it to the end of the month

You need to return phone calls to your customers, etc.

This means that you need to be able to force yourself to do these things and avoid the many distractions that exist in today’s world. This includes the ability to watch Star Trek on Netflix.

If you have the ability to “self-regulate”, then you have the personality type to be independent. If you do not have this ability, then you are better suited to work in an environment where your employer gives you that structure.

If you are someone who needs the structure provided for you then, I can not stress enough, that there is nothing to worry about. Many people who develop in an independent environment would not do well at work and vice versa. It’s just a matter of personality types.

How to stand out from other independent software developers

If you decide to work independently, it’s important to stay away from your competition. Otherwise, you might as well have a desk sign that says:

How to make money as an independent developer business tips

I don’t know about you – but I don’t think it’s easy to be used to it. Fortunately, getting out of the crowd is not difficult. This is because most developers fail to really connect with their customers. If you choose to connect with customers correctly, then you will have work in line for many months to come.

I strongly believe that there is a disconnect between the development community and companies that would hire a developer. Do a Google search in your city for local web designers. There is no shortage of people willing to build websites for small businesses. Despite this surplus labor, about thirty percent of small businesses do not have a website. Whenever you have a surplus of providers, whose services are not used, you have a situation where these providers fail to connect with their customers.

The reason why developers do not connect with customers is obvious. When you perform the search mentioned above, to find developers, you will notice a common pattern. Developers fill their websites with technical stammers about coding languages, etc.

If a small business owner does not have a website in 2017, they may have no idea what coding jargon means.

Also, if a small business owner thinks “I need a website to help get more customers”. How would you know if this technical jargon will actually help them get more customers. In other words, most developers do not answer the questions their customers ask. This is the reason for the disconnect between the development community and small businesses.

It’s not hard to complete the “developer disconnect”. Just talk about what your potential customers are looking for and discuss how you will solve their problems.. First, your own website should explain how you help companies solve the problems they face. Don’t use first impressions (your website) to talk about things that people don’t understand or care about. You need to present yourself as a problem solver and tell potential customers how you will solve their problems. You will then be able to remove the disconnect between developers and small businesses. This, in turn, will make your independent concert grow by leaps and bounds. Let’s have a discussion about how to sell your services so that you can see ways to present yourself as a problem solver.

How to sell your services as an independent developer

Selling is something that many people do not feel comfortable with. But, one of the biggest parts of success is being willing to learn and do things that make you feel uncomfortable. You can also find out how to sell your services. Don’t worry it makes you feel uncomfortable. Remember that the comfort zone is where their dreams die. I know this is easy for me to say, because selling comes naturally to me, but you can learn to do this and after a while it will seem as easy as pressing a button.

How to make money as an independent developer business tips

The sale of your services can be divided into three parts

Your initial contact with a potential customer

Putting together a proposal

Closing the transaction

Let’s look at each of these.

The initial meeting (usually by phone) is the most important contact you will have with a potential client. This is your first impression. Most developers go around and miss using this meeting to talk about their skills, coding, etc.

As we just discussed in the discussion above, it is a mistake to take such an approach. You should use this meeting to ask questions about your potential customer’s business and to determine the issues they want to resolve .

If you are talking to a pizza owner who needs a website, then you need to ask questions about his business. E.g,

Do they just go out or do they have a dining room?

Do they have a bar?

How many locations do they have?

What is the demographic data of their customers?

There are a lot of questions to ask. Once you understand the business, then you can identify their problems.

Once you have identified your client’s problems, then you can tell them how to fix them. This is the stage of the proposal. Considering the same example, if the pizzeria has a dining room, you can suggest to include a lot of photos that show how fun it can be to dine there. If they have a bar, then the website should also appear. Am I near a college? If so, then there should be a section containing “college specialties” and you may also want a mobile app so students can order online. These are just a few examples of proposing solutions to potential problems.

When trying to close the sale, it is important to explain how the proposed solutions will meet the customer’s need. As you engage in this discussion, it is important to speak from the perspective of a “problem solver” and not from a “developer” perspective. The more you speak your client’s language, the more likely they are to hire you.

Most developers try to “sell”, but they promote their technical expertise and talk about software. If you want to sell effectively, then you need to think about solving your customers’ problems.

Where independent developers can sell their services

Freelancers can be just as frustrated when they figure out where to sell their services and how to sell. Let’s look at three places where you can start getting some customers.

A good way to connect with potential customers is through networking events. One of the biggest mistakes I see developers make is going to network events where most of the participants are other developers. Don’t do that. Instead, you want to go to events with many small business owners and where you are the only developer. A great way to do this is to join the NBI. This is a group where you will meet many different types of small business owners and you will all open your address book. For example, if a car mechanic in the group meets someone who needs a developer, then you will receive the recommendation. In turn, you will send people to other members of the NBI chapter. You will find this far more effective than talking to other developers.

Another way to do business is to sell your services through third-party services such as Fiverr or Thumbtack

The upside to using these services is that they have a lot of people looking for the same services that you are willing to offer.

The two disadvantages are this,

You must pay a fee for each customer you receive through these services and

You will tend to work for clients at a much lower rate than you would normally charge. That website that you would normally build for $ 3,000 can only cost $ 1,200 for one of these services. These types of platforms can bring you a large number of customers, but you will work with very small profit margins.

A third option to get business is to do this through your own website. The downside is that you will pay customers the full rate. The only thing to think about is to pay to promote your site. The easiest way to promote your web presence, in a way that will actually bring you business, is to use the Google Adwords platform. These are the ads you see at the top of your search results. Paying for ads can be expensive, but you should definitely see a return on investment.

This discussion was a quick overview of the “basics” for starting an independent business. Do these things and you will be ahead of the competition. Are you currently working independently? What has been your experience so far? Let me know in the comments.

Come to be an internet designer: career, abilities, and also training

Come to be an internet designer: career, abilities, and also training

If you are searching for details on ending up being a web designer, you have actually pertained to the right site, and also this is the write-up you require! With the advancement of new innovations and the ever-increasing use electronic modern technology, the internet programmer’s profession demands excellent demand. All the more so given that all markets of the economic situation are concerned by digital technology (even if the electronic transformation was later on).

Whether companies, organizations, States all require web developers to create their on-line activity or offer services and products requiring internet as well as mobile development. However after that what is the task of an internet programmer? Just how can I become an internet programmer? This short article addresses these questions,

The developer occupation


The internet developer converts calculated options for the development of websites and also applications right into machine language. Therefore, the work of a web programmer includes making the style of a website operational (model, graphic charter, performances, and so on). This will certainly have been specified beforehand, with the involvement of the developer as well as the web developer. To complete his objectives, the developer should have abilities in several software and also shows languages.


The internet programmer occupation can be identified right into a number of groups, which rely on the specialization of each designer. Here are the 3 major ones:

Front End Programmer:

The skills of the front-end programmer are oriented on the visible part of the web sites. Simply put, it deals with all the presentation as well as navigating of the website, whether on computer or mobile. It establishes the elements which permit the communication of the Net surfer with the functionalities of the website. This needs a mastery of details software as well as a number of languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Backside Developer:

You will recognize, the backside programmer focuses on the unseen part of an internet site. The shows abilities of the back-end designer permit the correct performance of the website. To put it simply, whatever to which Internet customers have gain access to (account, attributes, and so on). Its function makes it feasible to connect all the functions of a site with the web servers and also the database. The constant development of technologies as well as the growth of new features for customers call for a Back End internet programmer’s understanding.

Complete Heap Developer:

The Full-Stack Programmer title is a combination of Front End and Back End designer profiles. He is skilled both on the customer part (front) as well as on the server component (back). This requires having some experience in these 2 components of internet growth. However being a Complete Stack developer does not avoid you from preferring the front or the back, just as this does not protect against front-end as well as back-end programmers from having a certain amount of expertise for the part which they have actually passed by to specialize in.

The salary of the internet developer

Relying on the designer’s typical salary is unnecessary if the programmer does not think about the distinctions in situations. Certainly, to identify the wage you can declare, you should think about a number of criteria. Firstly, the location, i.e., whether you work in the districts or a large city. Then you need to check out the size of the structure (SME, ETI, large company …), then the experience and also abilities, that is to state, if you are a junior or elderly designer as well as if you have an expertise (front- end, back-end, full-stack …). Know a lot more.

The skills of the web designer

Hard Abilities (languages, devices, and so on).

To build a web site, the developer must depend on a number of programming languages, of which here are the three major ones.

Firstly, HTML, Hypertext markup language, which permits you to develop the framework of each web page of the website. The HTML specifies the numerous elements (header, food selection, footer, obstructs, and so on).

After that comes the CSS, Cascading Style Sheets, to work on the aesthetics of the website. It is the necessary language to personalize your website’s appearance, whether it is the selection of colors, font styles, the dimension of the elements, and also even the production of animations.

Finally, the trio of languages that the internet developer is frequently challenged with is JavaScript (JS). This programming language makes your site dynamic and also interactive. JavaScript can, for instance, give you input pointers in a search bar. It also permits you to develop animations (animated slide show, and so on). It can additionally be made use of to revitalize information about the web page you get on without rejuvenating the internet browser page. Instance: the “See new publications” notice that appears on socials media without updating the web page.


It takes inquisitiveness. This very first soft ability is most likely common to digital professions. A programmer should wonder regarding electronic, IT, as well as modern technology topics. Beyond the reality that programs languages are at the heart of the continuous advancement of innovation, the truth that a programmer wonders permits him to discover, adapt and provide brand-new experiences for customers. Understand what is incorrect with code as well as want to repair it.


Program adaptability. The tasks you benefit are frequently hired to evolve. It depends on the client’s tactical selections as well as the task manager, as well as feedback from the site or application. Although a web programmer’s task requires flexibility, treatment must be taken that the project does not go beyond the preliminary purposes. By including the designer from the layout phase, his skills and also experience will certainly help anticipate customer experience and technical points.

Job monitoring.

Lastly, if we had to retain a 3rd soft skill to have in internet growth, it would certainly be job monitoring. You need to work in a team and also approve to rely on other individuals to perform the project (whether it is colleagues or the customer). By itself, project administration unites several soft abilities, such as company, interaction, or perhaps comprehending. Also without being a Job Manager, you need to arrange your jobs according to their importance and also the moment to be committed. You also need to interact with various other employee and customers. Then you have to reveal understanding. Currently since between programmers, it occurs that one does not constantly recognize the code of the other.

Educating to come to be a web and also mobile programmer.

The training is intensive (35h/ week) and also calls for the mobilization of students. They pick to proceed learning beyond training hrs and also occasionally do not think twice to move on individual jobs (website, profile, application, and so on). For them, the goal is to discover a brand-new career, which they enjoy.

This expert title is obtained after passing the last evaluation. Ultimately, the person that desires to come to be a web designer can deepen and also supplement his expertise with Designer and Programmer of Applications (Bac + 3). This training is executed in rotation over one year in between the college and also the firm.

Best practices for developing a green website

The ecological impact of IT services is now known. By becoming aware of the environmental consequences of IT tools, digital ecology takes on its full meaning. When developing a website, an application, or any other IT service, we have seen that eco-design needs to be taken into account as early as possible in the project. Today, let’s talk about the best practices to follow to develop an ecological website.

Objective: reduce the resources used by the site

The goal is simple: you have to reduce energy consumption, thus reducing the number of devices and the cumulative power required to run the Web application. In other words :

  • Reduce the number of requests,
  • Reduce the volume of data exchanged,
  • Limit processing, especially on the server-side.

Use a repository of good practices for digital ecology

Before getting to the heart of the matter, know that there is a repository of rules published by CNumR ( Collectif Conception Numérique Responsable ). Note that the rules below do not come from this repository but come from my design and development experience. I, therefore, invite you to complete them by purchasing Ecoconception web: the 115 best practices.

Use browser caches

The first step towards a less consuming site: use cache. Or rather caches! In 2014, I explained to you that there are many caching mechanisms to optimize your site’s performance. This point is crucial: a modern website weighs several MB or even ten MB for the most greedy. By using the caches available to us, we avoid the transfer of many files during navigation.

It would help if you played on the following cache levels:

  • the browser cache consists of using the storage of files on the client’s web browser via the HTTP Cache-Control and Expires headers. It is managed by the browser itself and avoids the systematic loading of static resources: CSS, JS, images, etc.
  • The browser storage of using space provided by the browser allows you to store data (or SessionStorage LocalStorage). For example, rather than loading drop-down list X times, load it once and store it on the client-side; you will avoid requests on the server.

Use application caches

In line with the previous good practice, it is imperative to set up caches on the server-side. Thus, many unnecessary processing operations are avoided: calls to the database, data calculations, generation of pages, management of referential data, etc.

It would help if you played on the following cache levels:

  • the OPCode cache (OPcache) now embedded natively since PHP 5.5,
  • the application caches of your architecture: database cache ( Mysql Query Cache, for example), application data caches ( APCu, Redis, Memcached, etc.).

Use server caches

Last level of cache: the storage of pages on the Web server-side. Modern servers allow static pages to be stored without calling on the backend, which generates the HTML page: Varnish, Nginx, Apache offer to cache static pages to avoid their systematic generation ( Apache mod_cache or Nginx proxy_cache ).

You can also use ESI (Edge Side Includes) or SSI (Server Side Includes) to cache chunks of pages while dynamic elements are loaded asynchronously. The most common example is a “shopping cart” component on an e-commerce website that is necessarily dynamic while the rest of the page is static (product page, category, etc.).

Limit the number of requests

The right request is the one that doesn’t go away. Caches help reduce them when browsing, but the initial loading of pages is no exception to this rule. Must, therefore :

  • Concatenate and minify your assets (JS and CSS),
  • Depending on the case, completely delete your JS and CSS files and directly include the JS and CSS code as an inline in the HTML code (with GZIP compression active),
  • Use sprites for your icons. The best is to use icon fonts including only the icons used),

Enable GZIP compression

Another good practice to reduce the bandwidth required to load your site: enable GZIP compression on your Web server. In Apache, this is the mod_deflate module. Under Nginx, look at the side of the ngx_http_gzip module.

Resize and compress images

Images are very bandwidth-consuming resources. You may apply the techniques outlined above and end up with an initial HTML page at 20Kb; if you then load several mega images, your work will be useless. So be sure to:

  • Resize your images according to the use made of them. 1600 × 900 images used as a 250 × 100 logo are unnecessary: ​​resize the image correctly. Especially since we also reduce the browser’s processing, which will no longer have to force the resizing on display.
  • Compress your images. On JPEG, you can easily go down to quality between 80 and 90% without a big loss. On PNG, be sure to use a lossless compression tool (TinyPNG, for example).

Load the images in lazy-loading

The lazy-loading images are a technique to load images only when you need it, i.e., you scrolled above your page. Thus, the images not displayed on your browser are not loaded at the initialization of the page, but only when they become visible (in fact, a little before).

This technique, which is easy to implement, is interesting on all access devices, but particularly on smartphones, for two reasons:

  • the bandwidth in 3G or 4G is lower: your site will therefore load faster if the invisible images are not loaded,
  • the surface of the site displayed is smaller on a smartphone (the viewport which designates the visible surface in your browser): so potentially you will have to load less image)

Use responsive images

The configuration of responsive images allows browsers to choose which images to load according to different criteria: screen size, pixel density (for HD or 4K screens, for example), the actual surface used by the image when it is displayed. This technique adjusts the loaded images, and therefore the amount of data transferred, as needed: you do not need an image of several MB on mobile, for example.

Avoid image sliders

We often tend to put an image slider at the start of the site to give a dynamic dimension. Ecologically speaking, this is a mistake (and ergonomically as well, by the way, as users rarely see images other than the first).

Delete videos

Exit the videos automatically played at the initialization of the page or the animated page backgrounds. Video streams represent almost 60% of global Internet traffic. Netflix alone is 15%… In many situations, videos have no interest other than seeing something moving on the screen. Delete them and, if they are really useful, turn off the autoplay.

Avoid full page reloads

Have you set up an automatic reload of your page every 60 seconds? On the one hand, it is unbearable for users … On the other hand, it is needlessly consuming resources. When necessary, favor AJAX requests that only load what is useful or WebSockets if you need real-time. On this last solution, I’m looking for information about resource consumption, contact me if you have any!

Be sober on scheduled tasks: AJAX, CRON …

Whether for AJAX requests or CRONs, there is no point in planning a data refresh every 10 seconds if the information only updates twice a day. Maybe 30 minutes is enough. All recurring scheduled tasks must be carefully dimensioned to avoid unnecessarily excessive consumption.

Avoid storing unnecessary data

Computer servers host an incalculable amount of unnecessary data (think of your mailbox). Databases: it’s the same. We generally collect much more data than necessary for the proper functioning of the application. Be reasoned about the data collected, particularly on the logs and application traces that are constantly growing. Not only will the planet thank you, but you will also take a step towards GDPR compliance (which involves justifying the use of users’ data).


You will have understood: the line of conduct to adopt when developing an eco-responsible website or application is to limit the transfer of resources between the client and the server.

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How to properly reference your blog?

For several years now, natural referencing has become the workhorse of many companies who want to increase their visibility on the web and stand out from the competition. Because yes, getting your blog well-referenced for search engines is an essential step in attracting visitors and generating prospects.

Through blogging, SEO is at the core of the Inbound Marketing strategy and needs a certain investment and a great deal of involvement. But this medium and long-term strategy will undoubtedly allow you to acquire new prospects in the long term. Remember that a professional blog can generate 73% more leads than a business that does not.

Here are some practical tips to properly rank your blog and gain visibility on the web.

Choose the right keywords to rank your blog

The good SEO of a blog starts with a choice of relevant keywords on which you want to go back. Oh yes! To get results, you already need to set clear and specific goals. Do you have anything to say? One page = one keyword. Don’t go all over the place and structure your ideas.

A blog is no different from a website page. To optimize the SEO of a blog, each page, in other words, each article, should focus on the keyword you want to come up with.

But what is a keyword?

In reality, it is more about key phrases than keywords. These are the expressions used by Internet users in search engines to find something (a product, an answer, a help, etc.).

In the screenshot above, the key phrase is “start a free blog”. We are therefore looking to get back to this keyword by creating content optimized for search engines. For this, it is necessary to build your blog article by integrating the chosen keyword as follows:

  • in the title of the page (It is the title h1 which is displayed by the search engines. You must therefore place the keyword there)
  • in the URL of the page (This is called the permalink in WordPress. Use a link that contains the keyword rather than an article number)
  • Three times in the page’s text (Try to place your keyword harmoniously throughout your article).
  • if possible in the alt  tag  of the image that accompanies the page (It is a tag that describes the image in case of not display)
  • once in bold in the text of the page

Remember to add your keyword in the metadata of your article (the meta description in particular).

Choose the right keyword

Referencing your blog well on a keyword is good. But you still have to choose the right keyword. Indeed, if you optimize your article on a request carried out only ten times a month, your results will be very limited. Unless you are in a niche sector …

To help you choose your key phrases, you can use tools like Google Trends, which allows you to see the evolution of searches made on the search engine.

Other tools allow you to analyze different keywords and suggest the most relevant to you to optimize the SEO of your blog. The app analyzes your blog in real-time to enhance your pages and improve their SEO, in addition to helping you find the right word.

Create a mesh of internal links

Optimizing the SEO of your blog also goes through a linking strategy. It is extremely to create a mesh of internal links between the various articles of your blog. Indeed, the robots that analyze your content seek to determine if your content is relevant to the Internet user. They do this by making sure your article references similar topics that could prove your expertise in the field. Links, hypertext links, or even hyperlinks allow two pages to be linked together. All this will allow you to create an internal link between all the pages of your blog. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • Insert links in every page of your blog on the appropriate keywords.
  • With each new concept discussed on a page, you can insert a link to another page that deals with the subject.
  • Add links at the bottom of the page to other interesting pages to read.
  • Always have a link to your blog’s home page regardless of the page the user is on.

External links are often forgotten but essential!

This is called the net linking strategy, and it is essential to keep your blog alive. These are the links that you point to other web pages and links that you can acquire on other websites and redirect to your blog. The main interest of this kind of link is to give notoriety to your blog. The more popular the page with a link to your blog, the more notoriety your blog will gain. To get this kind of link, you need:

  • Share your blog’s content on social networks: the existing community of the various networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc.) will share your content, thus creating external links to your site.
  • Leave relevant comments on the blogs of your activity: by doing this, you will make yourself see players in your ecosystem who will then be able to take a look at your blog, and if the content is of quality, they will not hesitate to share your content
  • Write articles on a partner blog that will give you an external link to your blog.

There are other ways to rank your blog. The 3 points presented here are linked to natural referencing, accessible to anyone with time to spare. It certainly takes time, but it is nonetheless very effective!

If you are looking for an SEO expert to improve your website’s traffic, our SEO services in Pakistan help you improve your ranking and enhance your traffic. Contact us to get competing Web Design and Development services.

What is the impact of social media networks on SEO?

What is the impact of social media networks on SEO?

SEO and social media networks is still a subject misconstrued by lots of people. It often results in language inconsistencies that occasionally suggest the very same point … yet what is it?

Whether bloggers, instructors, or Search Engine Optimization experts … we all have a various language on the impact of social media networks on Search Engine Optimization. Yet this language, which differs, commonly enters the exact same direction.

An easy problem of angle or misconception is debunking the recurring topic of socials media’ impact on SEO.

What does Google state on the topic?

Google navigates various angles regarding the effect of social media networks on SEO, however luckily without opposing itself. Occasionally Google mentions authority and attribution of a score on social networks activities. In some cases, it speaks of a straight effect on Search Engine Optimization … much more precisely of the ranking of articles on its online search engine.

Signals sent back by social networks

Strong signals such as remarks, shares, as well as sights via social networks will certainly act upon your internet community’s total task. They will enable you to be understood quicker. Search Engine Optimization pertaining to the position is tougher to function. It, consequently, requires thorough work to succeed in raising its content to the top placement.

You will certainly not reach the initial setting on Google with socials media! It is the work in between organic website traffic and referral website traffic that will certainly enable you to do this. Social media advertising solutions will stay levers to aid presence … yet inevitably, they will help make you better recognized.

Keep in mind that Web individuals primarily search for editorial material via internet search engine and also not necessarily on social media networks.

Lots of people puzzle the direct and/or indirect influence of socials media in Search Engine Optimization on these last factors. Allow’s claim it directly and also clearly: Social networks will not enhance the position of your articles! In my opinion, knowing that is an integral part of Search Engine Optimization fundamentals.

Example: If thousands of individuals click the web link of among your posts shared on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, Google will certainly not make you rise in the search engine result for the web content concerned. This is a fact on which SEO professionals concur, as well as this is the factor they increase by resolving this topic.

Instead, Google talks about the authority you can gain by being active on social networks. When we talk about racking up on a collection of activities, and also some appear more vital than others on socials media, we must not misunderstand things.

Social media network become part of among the five resources of web traffic, specifically social traffic. Google Analytics therefore enables you to precisely track site visitors from your numerous social shares. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc … It is, for that reason, essential to recognize exactly how to branch out as well as stabilize your web traffic.

Understanding the impact of social media sites on SEO

It is quite straightforward to understand from a rational Search Engine Optimization perspective, also if it remains an inexact scientific research paradoxically. A web link indicating content, on which you will certainly click via LinkedIn, for example, will not always be the outcome of a search

If this link appears in an Information Feed, the individual sharing it might have a huge network. As a result, it would as a result be feasible for him to recoup significant traffic on his write-up. If there were a straight impact on SEO, then it would end up being possible to prejudice it in some way.

Definitely, this enables us to acquire significant web traffic to cause particular notoriety. However the reality stays that organic website traffic continues to be the resource to be created and will not be improved straight, many thanks to social media networks.

Organic website traffic remains one of both sources preferred with the reference to obtain settings on Google.

The impact triggered can also convert right into once more in the reference traffic, to the level that the media, blogs … will learn more about your web content using socials media. They will certainly quote you within their web content, as they desire, and also if the put links are managed in do-follow.

Distinguish organic traffic from social website traffic

In the above example, we are not talking about organic traffic right here, which offers Google an actual lever for placing. Any person with big areas would otherwise be advantaged from a Search Engine Optimization viewpoint! NO?

The problem generally originates from the false impression of details distributing on the web. Some do not wait to claim that socials media have a favorable impact on SEO. However without actually explaining freely that this is an indirect impact, the impact comes from the authority obtained in time.

More than you are entailed on social networking websites, the far better it will be for your SEO! Some are currently sobbing detraction when we more than happy with this sentence. For that reason, it is needed to plainly discuss exactly how Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn can favorably impact your Search Engine Optimization.

Moreover, we can additionally elevate the case of the meta-description tag, which likewise causes some misconceptions. It additionally aids enhance your Search Engine Optimization, but not directly. When it pertains to prompting or motivating clicks, the result is once more in organic website traffic if the outcome presented follows a demand.

To conclude

All sources of internet traffic are excellent to work with, as long as they generate website traffic. Nevertheless, genuine placing on Google can just be gotten with 2 sources: organic traffic and reference or reference traffic. It depends on every person to establish their priorities!

So social traffic does not offer much better direct Search Engine Optimization however indirect Search Engine Optimization, as we have actually seen previously. The sources of web traffic, direct and also others, are in turn generating prestige and also assist you gain visitors.

Lastly, keep in mind that natural web traffic is what takes one of the most time to establish in SEO, unlike social web traffic, which is obtained quicker and also depending upon the neighborhoods’ dimension.

How to find brand-new customers with SEO

How to find brand-new customers with SEO

Why describe google map? The inquiry has tortured you since you observed that certain firms taking on your own shown up on the map plainly in the search results during your last web search.

You couldn’t aid however see that your establishment was not detailed anywhere, which frustrates you, as well as appropriately so! The good news is, we’ll be changing every one of that promptly. I’ll clarify why referencing on google map is necessary and what advantages your business can originate from it. I will additionally share with you links allowing you to reference your facility and also to enhance its exposure. Ready?


1– Referencing on maps gives you a competitive advantage

If I had to call simply one benefit to Search Engine Optimization an organization on google maps, it would be this. Without a doubt, for a neighborhood organization, showing up on google maps provides it the possibility of showing up at no cost to local customers.

On the other hand, establishing this kind of SEO is all the more useful when your sector and also your competitors lag in net fostering; since your clients use the Net daily.

2– The enrollment procedure in the google directory site is complimentary, straightforward, as well as quick

The initiative and time called for to be referenced on google map as well as enhance your profile are very little. We welcome you to follow our google map enrollment overview if you are not yet present to persuade on your own of this. It will just take a few minutes for you to get a significant advantage over several of your rivals. One more vital factor, enrollment, as well as publishing of your activity are totally free!

3– An address suffices to referral

This is a component that is often overlooked yet is very vital: you do not have to have a store or perhaps facilities to be listed on the map. Better yet, as opposed to what one might think, having a website is not compulsory either. To be referenced on google maps, all you require is a postal address! So if you practice as an independent individual or job from home, you can use your residence address.

This uniqueness provided by Google My Service provides a chance to smaller facilities to enhance their web visibility without buying the development of a web site or the leasing of expert facilities. Nonetheless, as you will certainly see, having a website advertises your business’s position– as long as it is SEO optimized.

4– Appearing on maps enhances the exposure of your business locally

As you can see with the illustration image listed below, obtaining referenced in the google map’s neighborhood search results page deals lots of advantages. Indeed, the local outcomes are:

Differentiated from business web links or results associated with natural referencing

They are ideally placed given that they are often presented over the all-natural search results.

Well viewed and also thought about by Web individuals who attach importance to this type of recommendation and also customer testimonials.

You are distinguishing considering that they permit you to conveniently stick out from your rivals by supplying info relevant to Net users: images, distance, customer reviews, address, telephone number, opening up hrs, and web link to your site.

To sum up, being referenced on google maps allows you to benefit from local web visibility as well as provides your possible customers with crucial details in building their investing in decision.

5– Google map results are progressively provided to Web customers

The development of smart devices and also the generalization of the mobile Internet have presented new uses of the Net. Indeed, today, the majority of research worldwide is executed from a mobile device.

According to the global stats sign, mobile phones are accountable for greater than a third of web traffic in the United States. This evolution of net traffic as well as the expanding use of smart phones leads to ever higher use of the geolocated search system; and, subsequently, to using maps for displaying search results in google.

6– Take advantage of less competitors in regards to quantity

There are far less business provided on Google My Company than there are websites indexed on Google. Even better, google is really frequently able to establish if the extent of an individual’s query is local or global.

Your establishment, as a result, deals with a lot less competitors for search inquiries related to a neighborhood dimension (as an example, “pizzeria marseille”). It is likewise more probable to be noticeable for this sort of search than farther firms, even if these are much better placed in the natural search results connected with your service motif.

As you will certainly have comprehended, aiming for a very first google placement in the neighborhood pack is much less complex than handling your establishment on a particular key phrase.

Nonetheless, remember that a company with web content and also a top quality site from a SEO viewpoint will certainly be favored over a firm that is absent on the internet, even if the last is geographically closer to the Internet user.

Now that you know a little a lot more concerning the benefits of neighborhood SEO, you are probably questioning just how to boost your organization noting exposure. This is what we will see right now.


We saw together that utilizing neighborhood Search Engine Optimization in your SEO strategy was easy, complimentary, and also potentially a growth variable. There is, as a result, no reason for you not to produce a Google My Organization service listing.

Obviously, if there is competitors in your sector, you will certainly require to go the extra mile in Search Engine Optimization. This is why we invite you to take a look at the SEO components likely to enhance your Search Engine Optimization with SEO solutions in Lahore on google map.

By working on your organization listing and your natural referencing, you will improve your positioning in regional results. You can after that benefit from the prospective as well as advantages of regional SEO offered with maps over the long-term. Rest assured, obtaining detailed in the local pack (top 3 local search engine result) doesn’t have to be the most effective; exceed your … regional rivals!

Best Tips to learn the code for beginners

Coding has exploded in recent years, moving from something used in computer games and the occasional electronic device to something that fundamentally defines how we live in the modern world. Almost all modern devices, electronics, and machines contain at least some code. If more individuals are interested in choosing to code for the open-source community, the number of tech job listings will also continue to grow. This means that now is the time to learn to code for beginners.

We’ll start by defining what coding is and why you should learn it. After that, we will move on to a step by step guide to code dummies. We’re going to look at some of the most common coding languages like C/C++, PHP, and Python. We’re also going to look at some online coding courses that will help you learn these languages.

What is computer coding?

To begin with, we need to define exactly what coding is. Most programmers would agree that coding is: “The act of writing code which is compiled to form programs, which can be executed by a computer or a code reader, and which has a specific function or set of functions.”

Now, this definition is quite broad. In reality, what we mean by encoding will depend on the type of encoding we are referring to. An example of a web developer is someone who writes code used to build sensitive and usable websites. Overall, coding helps a business or organization design the best website possible. You will read more about coding in our previous post, “How To Program.”

However, someone working in navigation and aerospace engineering might have to write code that allows an aircraft to operate on autopilot during long trips. While this is completely different from building a website, it is still coding.

So before you start looking for the answers to the “How to Code for Beginners” section, you should think carefully about what type of coding you want to use. It will dictate which languages ​​you choose to learn and how you learn them – but more on that later. For now, let’s see how to start learning to code for beginners.

Why should I learn to code?

As we noted above, coding is an exciting new field that offers a world of opportunities for people keen to learn. Despite what you’ve heard, learning to code isn’t that hard, especially when you compare it to the skills needed to get the most skilled jobs.

An average person can learn the basics of code for beginners quickly enough to write their simple programs in weeks. A few months of hard work will allow you to master at least one programming language. Working hard on learning how to code for dummies for more than a few months should give you all the skills you need to become a career coder.

There are numerous explanations why you should learn to code, including:

It’s fun coding! Imagine that you have the skills to develop your websites, create responsive mobile games and program packages for data analysis. If you learn to code, you will be able to do all of this and more in a fun and engaging way!

Coding will give you valuable skills. Learning to Program for Dummies will give you enough skills and experience to pursue a career as a coder or programmer.

Learning to code will ensure job security. Likewise, being able to pursue a career as a coder will provide you with significant job security. Coders and programmers are in demand in the modern world, which creates many jobs in the field.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should start learning how to code for beginners. Therefore, the following step-by-step guide was created. Dig and have fun! – Dig and have fun!

Guide to coding for Dummies

While coding is relatively easy to learn than many other technical skills, there is still something that scares people. At first glance, it may seem difficult, confusing, and very difficult to master. I mean, how are you going to learn to code a website if you have no programming experience?

The answer is simple: follow our guide to beginner code learning step by step! It will help you to know what measures to be a programmer and what initiatives to speed up your journey will be at the end of this guide.

Step 1: Think about why you want to learn to code

Before you even think about signing up for classes or starting to watch YouTube coding videos, the first thing you need to do is ask yourself why you want to learn to code. Just sit down and think carefully about what you want to achieve, why you want to learn to code, and how much money and time you need to spend on it. Take into account:

What skills would you like to finish with? Do you want to become a creator of a website? Or do you choose to create mobile applications or work in the engineering of software? You must think carefully about this, as the languages you will learn will be largely dictated.

Why would you like to research code? Are you learning to code something in your spare time that concerns you? Or is there you want to try a career in programming?

How much time and money can you commit? If you only have a few hours a week to learn to code, there probably aren’t many points to sign up for a crash course. Likewise, if you want to sign up for a crash course with assistance, you must be prepared to pay for it.

Identify, write down and store your coding objectives in a secure location. These are the cornerstone for the journey between novice and master coder quickly.

Step 2: Choose the right language

Various programming techniques demand different abilities. You must learn HTML, CSS, Java, and JavaScript languages, for example, if you want to learn to code a website. Likewise, developing mobile applications requires Java (for Android) or Swift (for iOS). Choosing the right language is extremely important.

Step 3: Find the best tools to help you learn

Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the most popular languages ​​to help you figure out how to code for beginners, it’s time to research the best ways to learn them. Some of them include:

Online Coding Courses: Online coding courses, such as those recommended above, are one of the best ways to learn a new programming language. Once done, they will teach you some of the essential syntaxes of a language and how to use it. They are generally taught in a fun and engaging way, and many of them allow you to write code right in your browser as you learn.

Manuals: Code reference manuals are a great resource that every newbie should use. They contain all the syntax and conventions of a language, so you can search for things when you’re confused or don’t know how to proceed with your code.

YouTube Videos: Online videos and video guides are excellent tools to help you understand concepts that are difficult to understand. You can use them with online training or another way to start coding.

Step 4: Download a code editor

While many online courses allow you to write code in a code editor directly in your browser, you should understand that this is not how it works in the real world. It would help if you started writing your code directly in a code editor once you have completed your online course. It’s also a good idea now to get started.

Most languages have their editors of code that can be downloaded. You typically come complete with an IDE that will help you build clean, error-free code. It is also a feature. If you feel that it is simpler, you can write simple languages like HTML and CSS directly into a plain text document.

Step 5: Practice Writing Your Programs

Once you have a working knowledge of your choice’s language, you need to start creating your programs and projects. While you might feel like it’s a long way off now, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you progress once you start learning.

You can start developing a program or project based on the language you studied. For example, you can choose to create a website yourself if you learn to code an HTML/CSS website. You may also begin to develop a website to ease the learning process. However, you can begin to program your Android app or game by getting a knowledge of Java.

Remember that practice makes perfect, and that practice is the key to becoming a successful programmer. Practical, practical, and more practical!

Step 6: Join an online community

Navigating the intricacies of learning to code can be extremely difficult on your own. You can need help often. Sometimes. For instance, suppose you learn a language and find a syntax you don’t understand. By joining an online discussion board or coding forum, you will have access to people who can answer your questions and help you overcome any issues.

Step 7: Leverage someone else’s code

When you have a clear understanding of programming in a particular language, it’s time to dig deep. One of the best ways to further learn and develop your programming language skills is to unpack another user’s code.

Find anywhere with a program or code file – GitHub is a great starting point, and open it in your code editor. Please go through the code and make sure you understand each line and its function. Add comments if you need to. When you see something you think can be done differently or think that you can do something better, change it.

Once you’re done, save your edited code and upload it again so other people can comment on your effort.

Step 8: Keep Learning

In a way, programming languages ​​are just like any other language. They need regular practice if you want to master them, and you’ll forget things if you don’t use them. It is therefore extremely important to make sure that you keep learning new things every day.

Don’t get into the habit of using the same coding patterns and syntax for everything. Continue to live to learn new ways and improve your method. I try to make a habit of learning something every day. It could be a new piece of syntax, a new way to write a line of code, or just a better way to debug a program.


Learning to code for beginners can be fun, exciting, and very interesting. When finished, learning to code can provide you with valuable skills that you can rely on for the rest of your life. However, learning to code can also be difficult.

When designing a new site, nothing is better than getting tailored and configured custom web design. In today’s digital world, first impressions are incredibly significant. With our outstanding web design and development, your business will be on the right track for success. We can build custom applications, implement a new web design, and tune your web content for search engine effectiveness.

What impacts does social media have on consumers?

Today, in the internet age, his message remains just as true. Like the viewer, the Internet user is the product that social networks, sites and online video games sell to advertisers. In itself, this reality is not necessarily bad. This old, very efficient model allows Internet users to obtain content or services for free. This means that people accept that their data is used as currency. So what then is the problem?

The attention of Internet users is a limited resource that the different platforms try to monopolize. Two main strategies are generally implemented by the media (social and traditional) to capture the attention of Internet users: produce quality content to retain their audience by delivering a rewarding experience or bet on sensationalism, headlines and consumption massive.

However, unlike traditional media, such as television, radio or newspapers, whose interaction with consumers is limited, the Internet is a channel where consumers are active, which allows multiple interactions. The Internet has therefore opened up a world of possibilities and experiences for users, as well as advertisers and the media.

Incentive mechanisms

The mechanisms leading to addiction have been studied for decades.

This technique is also applied to many online games. The player is constantly receiving “gifts” that have no value outside of the game or, quite often, in the game itself. These are purely cosmetic items, like a pond, a nicer house, or Christmas trees. These random rewards become a trigger of great temptation for the player that they encourage to play more and more in order to accumulate more.

Time and social investments

Another mechanism exploited by the famous game is the need to reserve an important place for it in his schedule and among his entourage: in his schedule, because the player must invest time to prepare his fields and his activities which he does not will reap the rewards only after a specified period of time, then if he does not return to the game at the prescribed time, he loses his investment; and among his entourage, because the player is encouraged to have as many neighbors as possible, whom he must help and who, in return, must help him to obtain bonuses, often essential to progress quickly in the game. on a principle of reciprocity bind users to a group. These investments in time and social capital lead to an  escalation of engagement, forcing the player to come back again and again to the game. It thus interferes in the player’s daily life, and this presence is accentuated by the growing use of mobile phones.

The emotional response

“In games of chance, players tend to develop a greater addiction when sensory feedback accompanies winning,”. Think of the bells and alarms you hear when someone wins a slot machine. Sounds and lights have nothing to do with the ultimate monetary reward: a player has been shown to be willing to take greater risks if visual and auditory stimuli accompany winning. This predisposition has even been observed in laboratory rats. The reward obtained as a result of a positive interaction could be food, but by adding sensory feedback, the rats took more risks for their gain. “

Let’s replace sensory feedback with personal gratification, like social media does. What behavior would trigger a gain accompanied by a strengthening of the ego?

Research, responsibilities and possible solutions

Various means exist to treat internet addiction, but the most beneficial, total abstinence, is unrealistic given the ubiquity of the internet in many current jobs, according to  a study published in 1999 . Indeed,  92% of the North American population uses a mobile phone to access the Internet and 53% of people sometimes use the Internet from home for their work. As for video game addiction, the results are mixed, since only a  third (33.5%) of patients  who have followed their full treatment say they have fully recovered.

When it comes to social media addiction, research has only just begun, and while  treatments for internet addiction  can arguably be adapted to this, it is still early to be certain. The problem, however, is taken seriously and is now part  of psychology textbooks .

The tech industry’s response

In the face of growing public concern, the major players in the industry have taken steps to prevent the overuse of devices and applications. These measures take the form of warmer screen colors and a grayscale mode to limit the emission of blue light by screens at night; pauses in notifications to prevent causing interruptions that reduce productivity; or data on the personal use of technologies in order to make the user aware of his level of consumption of a service or an application. But are these solutions sufficient?

Google, Facebook and the others are in conflict of interest. As long as the business model of these companies is based on the greatest possible use of their products in order to sell the greatest possible quantity of advertisements, their solutions, seen as simplistic and superficial, will only attack the image. the problem and not the basic problem.

People with addiction cannot control their urges. There is no point in putting measures in place to help them limit their use of a product or service if they do not have the will or the ability to meet those limits.

A glow at the end of the tunnel

All the dependency mechanisms described are originally necessary for human survival. The fact that they can be used against him does not imply that they must be banned. A slot machine that prompts a person to play over and over again harnesses the brain’s reward system, which is essential for learning. And even repetitive play can be beneficial in bringing the person into “  the zone  ” to reduce daily stress or stimulate learning, as Douglas Heaven , editor of New Scientist magazine explains  . If we play so much, it is mainly because we also need to do ourselves good.

If a social network or a game can infiltrate our surroundings and force us to always come back, it can also recruit this same entourage in order to promote positive behaviors such as the adoption of healthier eating habits, the maintenance of a lifestyle. more active life or increased mobilization within a team to promote cooperation and the pooling of ideas, as described by researcher Alex Pentland in his book “  Social Physics  ”.

What can the advertising industry do?

No one wants to claim responsibility for a problem. No one tries to woo gamers or internet users with mathematical models optimized to encourage the use of products and services. Brands and media are not directly responsible for addiction, but they cannot deny their complicity on two fronts:

The media stoke this greed with the money they give to advertisers to place their ads.

They naturally prefer the most effective advertisers, those whose audiences are likely to be the most captive and who have the most personal data.

Yet in the long run, this cabal can only backfire on brands. None of them want to be associated with a product considered harmful to health. These same brands will therefore not want to be advertised on a platform whose ethics could be called into question. This is why the Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon of this world redouble their efforts to protect their reputation and image in the wake of every scandal. The same is happening with advertisers, who have a duty to protect the reputation of their customers.

In short, social media marketing agency, brands, and web giants, all without exception, will have to question their processes, their promises and – why not? – their values. In an era where  transparency is slowly beginning to enter conversations , we hope, as specialists, but also as citizens, to see the emergence of a common conscience in the industry. And, luckily, we are on the right track.