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6 Tips For Renting Out Your Property Without Worry

Renting out a house or an apartment generates additional income, but can also raise many problems. So prepare thoroughly before renting accommodation. Here are some tips for avoiding the most common pitfalls.

If the rental of property seems like futility, appearances are sometimes deceptive. Follow our 6 tips to avoid falling for it! Thinking To Rent Out a Room? Follow These 5 Essential Tips Now.

1. Write An Attractive Ad

A catchy advertisement on an ad site like Immoweb will attract many potential tenants. Use beautiful photos to highlight the highlights of your home. Write a detailed description, and don’t forget to praise the neighborhood. Proximity to schools, shops, or public transport can be a significant asset. Do you offer an apartment for rent? Remember to indicate the number of monthly charges.

2. Select The Correct Tenant

Take sufficient time to select a suitable tenant. Try to assess who will take care of your accommodation and beware of bad debtors. Are you worried that your tenants will pay you late or not at all? Immoweb Protect, Immoweb’s rental guarantee insurance, protects you against bad payers. This insurance also comes into play when you need legal assistance or have suffered rental damage.

3. Establish A Concrete Lease Contract With Immoweb Docs

Be sure to establish a tight lease contract to avoid any discussion. A detailed inventory with validated photos is also essential. Do not forget to register the lease and the list. Immoweb Docs ‘ free lease model offers you many advantages:

  • 100% compliant with the latest regional laws, thanks to our specialized lawyers;
  • quickly and easily transferable to the tenant in digital format;
  • the secure method, including about real estate documents;
  • convenient, with task notifications and rent indexing information.

4. Take Time To Follow Up

Check every month that the rent has been paid into your account. If this is not the case, it is crucial to intervene quickly. Also, allow time for the follow-up of reported faults and their repair, for building maintenance, etc.

5. Get Help

As an owner, you don’t necessarily have to do everything yourself. You can also hire a real estate agent. These experts have a vast network of potential tenants, which they scrutinize themselves. They know the market and rental prices. As professional sellers, they know exactly how to market your property. These services have a cost:

  • the real estate agent’s commission to find a tenant is usually one month’s rent;
  • monitoring the rental (or “stewardship”) costs, on average, 5 to 10% of the monthly rent, depending on the services chosen.

6. Are You A Co-Owner? Find Out About Renting!

Are you offering an apartment located in a building partially owned by other owners? In legal terms, this is referred to as “co-ownership.” You and the other owners are responsible for the costs of the outbuildings and their maintenance. The owner who owns the most significant area contributes proportionally to these charges. A few tips for co-owners:

  • read the essential deed carefully to find out what is expected of you and other owners;
  • ask the trustee for the minutes of the general meetings to be informed of the latest decisions;
  • check the status of the reserve fund. The co-owners contribute money to cover future costs. If the balance is low, expect to have to make a significant contribution in the short term.