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Seven super useful WordPress plugins for your website

Seven super useful WordPress plugins for your website

In this article, Web Designing Company in Pakistan will guide about some essential word press plugins just installed WordPress on your hosting. After configuring your site for the first time, you should now think about investing your extensions or plugins.

WordPress plugins are software that you may need to add functionality to your website. This may be :

  • A contact form;
  • A newsletter;
  • An n extension to help with natural referencing;
  • etc .;

Can you make your website work without extensions? Of course! However, except if you are technically savvy and know a little bit about coding your needs, a WordPress plugin will save you time and make your life a little easier.

Discover the seven essential plugins when creating your website with WordPress.

Note: Some of the links (marked with *) to specific resources are affiliate links. This means that if you decide to acquire one of them, a small commission will be paid to me (at no additional cost to you)…

Secure your website, a must

Security is one of the most crucial points, especially if you have a WordPress site. Its popularity, unfortunately, makes it an ideal target. You will find many extensions to secure your website, but the most popular and title is Wordfence security.

Wordfence allows you to protect your site against spam and other suspicious attempts. Its free version already offers you many features, such as a full security audit or a firewall.

The other undeniable advantage is that it informs you almost in real-time about potential threats without forgetting the updates to be made. You will find all this information on the relatively easy to read dashboard directly on your site.

Give your site a boost with a Cache extension

A cache extension is a real necessity these days. Why? Indeed, Google favors (for a long time) a site that loads quickly.

Indeed, if you arrived on a site that takes a specific time to load, wouldn’t you want to click on the cross or press the “backspace” key? Yes! It is, therefore, in this sense that you owe it to yourself to install it. It’s good for your SEO and your visitor.

The free extension I offer is called WP Super Cache, and it is available on the WordPress directory. Moreover, this extension is administered by the creators of WordPress themselves, a guarantee of quality. It will only take you a few minutes of configuration to set it up.

Avoid seeing your data fly away thanks to the backup

It is always useful to have a backup of your database and a copy of your website. Why? Entirely only in the event of hacking, improper handling, or anything else that could break your site.

With a backup under your arm, you don’t have to worry anymore. Indeed, you have to find your backup to get your site back online in a few minutes.

Note that your hosting provider may also offer you this feature. Remember to check it out. However, sometimes two backups are better than one.

Free alternative: BackWPup

Paid extensions: All the extensions above have their premium version. To go further: If you want to configure Updraftplus, here is a detailed tutorial on the site around the tutorial.

Be contacted by your visitors

You can’t do without a good contact form for your pro website. It is the ideal tool for retrieving essentials other than a name or an email address. This will allow you to set up customer quotes, a reservation request, or specify a demand for faster processing.

Another good news, I was able to test this WordPress plugin with the future Gutenberg text editor, and everything went very well.

There are many add-ons or complementary extensions to extend its possibilities. Among others:

  • Add-on to accept payments with Stripe or Paypal
  • Customize your form with your logo and colors using templates
  • A search field
  • And many other free and paid features

Adjust your strategy and find out who is visiting your site

How do you know what your visitors want to read? How do you strategically choose what to write and where to put your efforts? Well, entirely only by setting up detailed monitoring of your website with Google Analytics Dashboard for WP.

You have (usually) opened and read your site to Google Analytics for precisely this monitoring. Still, you have to open another tab, log into your account, and go through your dashing a little off-putting at first glance.

Make your site visible to the whole world (or almost)

If you’ve never heard of SEO or natural referencing, you are missing out on one of the most important things about your site.


This allows you to provide visibility to your business and be found by your visitors.

Of course, I am not telling you that by installing this extension, you will necessarily be first or in place 0 on the Google search engine.

It will allow you, after a few minutes of personalized configuration via a demo, to start your SEO serenely. After this first configuration, Yoast will help you, thanks to indicators, to better reference your page, article according to the keyword you have chosen.

Free alternatives: Cookie Consent

Bonus: Forget “Page 404” errors and improve your visitors’ experience

You probably won’t use this extension when creating your website. However, I still place it among the must-haves, as this feature is practical and useful for your website.

Any deletion of pages, URL addresses inevitably lead to the installation of this most useful extension. What happens if you deleted a page or change the URL address? What happens if someone clicks on this link and lands on your site?

At best, you’ve created a custom 404 page that allows you to redirect your visitors wherever you want. At worst, your visitors leave immediately. Not to mention that it can send a negative signal to Google.

Finally, the last tip for using the Redirection plugin will also allow you to create custom categories. This is what I did for this site using this extension.


Will you need any other extensions? It’s very likely! I strongly advise you to make an inventory of your functionality needs and to install only the necessary extensions. Too many extensions can potentially slow down your site.



Within 5 seconds of your website arrival, your visitors can determine what your business is doing? Could users easily navigate the blog if they need it? Is your pricing presentation easy to understand? Do you have a rebound rate extremely high?

If you answer “no” or don’t know these questions, maybe it’s time to take a look at how you’ve designed and optimized your website.

To improve your web design and development, here are some tips:

·       Have a plan

To ensure that your website effectively meets the needs of your visitors, you need to chart the journey of your buyer/prospects from their first visit to your website until the moment they become a customer.

First, you need to check your client’s requirements and answer the right questions in the right order: Which pages will people visit? What content will readers read? What types of offers will they encounter?

·       Include social media sharing

Producing great content and offers doesn’t get any further if you don’t allow your users to share what you have. If your website is currently lacking in social share buttons, you may not be getting a lot of social media traffic from the people who are already reading your blog!

So include eye-catching buttons on your site to ensure that your social media community visits your website/blog.

·       Present the right images

So this tip is very important because the photos that best suit your content help attract the attention of your customers.

But not all images will match the type of post you’re trying to show your audience. It is about using the techniques you can use to help you choose the right kind of photo. This will let you make your brand more realistic and make sure the images match who you are and what your content explains.

·       Carefully design your profile description

Your profile description should showcase the brand, so talking about who you are and what you’re dealing with is essential.

Give visitors as much information as possible. But, Although the number of characters is limited here, be careful with your words. You can vary a little SEO research before writing the bio, which will help.

·       Never stop testing

The evaluation of the conversion,  how far users scroll, where they click, etc. are important qualities that can reveal if your pages are performing as you expected.

Each test can reveal a greater variety of data that identifies why users interact with pages in a particular way. You can test this with the tool (Google console)

·       Create partnerships with other professionals

Do you want to increase your number of daily visitors? You are probably not alone in this situation: your partners (existing or potential) too. So take advantage of it, and pool your strengths, by doing what is commonly known as “link exchange” (or “backlink exchange”). The principle is to diversify the sources of traffic, by publishing articles on your respective blogs, where you include a link to the site of one and the other. Google particularly likes websites that have links from other sites on the Internet.

10 tips to protect your identity on the Internet

Identity theft is on the rise. Social media are no stranger to the phenomenon.

  1. Before you log in, protect your computer, smartphone, and tablet with anti-virus software, spyware, and firewall obtained from a reputable vendor. Your software must be active and up to date, especially your security software.
  • When browsing, always be on the lookout before opening an attached file or clicking on a hyperlink; you could be a victim of phishing, spyware, or a computer virus. Any transaction or communication also requires caution. Even instant messaging and social media are a risk.
  • If you do disclose personal information, only interact with trusted suppliers. Please read the privacy policies to understand why your data is collected, but also to know how it will be used and how it is protected.
  • Avoid making transactions such as online purchases or checking your bank account from a public wireless Internet access point.
  • When doing online financial transactions, the environment must be secure. Your browser should display a closed padlock or key icon whenever you are asked to enter your credit card number. If not, do not provide sensitive data; it could be a fraudulent site.
  • Promote technologies that protect your security and privacy. Digital signature and encryption help protect you better. However, also make sure that viewing or changing information about your various online accounts requires a password.
  • Each password should be unique, primarily if the letter and number combinations are used to access your financial data. Change your passwords frequently and avoid writing them down on a piece of paper slipped into your wallet.
  • After browsing secure sites, clear your device’s cache memory. This will remove Internet addresses from your computer. It is also advisable to shut down your computer after use.
  • Watch out for social networking. Your profile should be free of the phone number, address, and even a date of birth, as all of this information can be used to steal your identity. Do not accept just any friend, because behind a virtual character could be hiding a fraudster.
  • Remember to lock your mobile devices after a few minutes of inactivity. Integrate a password or an access process. If you lose your device, contact your provider to locate it and delete data remotely.

Here you can read about: 5 Best Ways to Secure an Identity Theft.

What to do in case of identity theft?

  • Notify the police immediately. This is a criminal activity that should not be minimized. Use the police report as proof and write down the actions you took to restore your reputation and credit report. Record identity theft on your credit report.
  • Cancel your credit cards. Make new requests.
  • Close your bank accounts, and start fresh. Could you make sure they are password protected?